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What causes tissue breakdown? Hint, it’s not biomechanical loading.

Posted By Jamie Page,
You may think that physios are trained to be technicians of the human body, especially when it comes to biomechanics - we know which muscles do what, which imbalances cause problems, and how to...

Why my two favourite frameworks for eating appear to be completely opposite to each other

Posted By Jamie Page,
Warning! Parts of this is article contains more technical details. This represents my own thoughts on some aspects of nutrition and consulting with a medical practitioner should always be your first a...

A technical deep dive into neuropathy

Posted By Jamie Page,
Warning! This is a higher level more technical article. This represents my own thoughts on neuropathy and consulting with a medical practitioner should always be your first...

A simple gut protocol that everyone should follow

Posted By Jamie Page,
Here is a simple outline that I have created of a diet that supports the gut!   Base your diet around animal foods such as meat, poultry, organ meats, eggs and dairy. These are...

Conventional Physiotherapy and Our Approach

Posted By Jamie Page,
  These days, with so much information coming out on any health topic, it can be hard to know what to believe.    Sometimes the advice come...

Health Coaching - the natual evolution of physiotherapy

Posted By The Butel Health Team,
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy has gone through many transitions over the years. Its capacity for reinvention has been one of the profession's strong points. Manual therapy was as early guise but...

Does recurring joint pain sound like you? Read on...

Posted By Jamie Page,
52 year old Male presented to the clinic with the following complaints: Main issues: General joint pain with reoccurring tendon pain in both elbows with overuse Benign Prostate Hyperplasia ...

Are you suffering from neck pain?

Posted By Jamie Page,
65 year old female Main issues Neck pain - intermittent for years but worse last year Migraines with visual aura - 2-3 per month. Recent osteoporosis diagnosis Bloating and occasional constip...

Some content to get you through COVID-19

Posted By Scott Gentle,
During this turbulent time many people will find that they have a few extra hours during the week that would normally be filled with social occasions; dinners, drinks, birthdays and family...

We are open!

Posted By Scott Gentle,
Allied Health care has been deemed by the Australian Government to be an essential service. This means with the latest lockdown regulations, we will be able to remain open. During this time we wi...