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If any of you have attended the practice more recently you would have noticed a shift in how we approach your physiotherapy sessions. We feel very passionately that shifting your treatment to a more health centred approach from a pain orientated model will elicit far better results. In this, we will make specific recommendations around your diet, sleep performance, stress management and exercise. Our own health has greatly benefited from this change and we believe yours will too.


We utilise principles from physiotherapy, functional medicine, ancestral health and even biohacking to make our recommendations. We will look at your blood markers and make suggestions purely around diet and lifestyle to target improvements. We will continue to leave any significant medical issue and medication management to your GP but hope over time we can work closely with your doctor to try and reduce dependency on these medications. We will write you a health optimisation treatment plan involving goal setting, daily habit changes and a summary of your current health strengths and weaknesses. A big part of this will involve education and active involvement from you. From our early endeavours in this field, we have discovered those actively involved in this process have much better long term success. If we are working at improving your metabolism, we really want you to understand how metabolism works in the body. If we are embarking on a new breathing routine or mindfulness practice, we want you to understand the mechanisms by which this is working.

To help you better understand this new method we are going to introduce periodic case studies on how we approach a patient and create a treatment plan. We will explain how we structured the program and why we focused on each specific intervention, what results we had and what pitfalls we had along the way.


Hopefully, you can find tips from this and apply some of these ideas to your own approach to health. For the most part, our plan will have a strong emphasis on ancestral principles and be in line with many years of evolution. We believe most of our issues with our health are due to environmental mismatch and when we correct this our biology returns to our natural state of health.