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Hornsby Physio Clinic

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Our Hornsby physiotherapists

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Scott Gentle

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Nikita Mistry

Butel Health Services is proud to announce that we have joined the Local Physio Network which helps people searching for a physio near me. As a member of the network, we will now be more visible to new patients searching for an experienced physio in Hornsby and surrounding suburbs, and allow them to book a physio seamlessly.

Meet our Hornsby physio team

physiotherapy team

Our team is a group of young and dynamic physiotherapists. We work tirelessly to increase our knowledge to serve the Hornsby community as best as we can. We have a unique approach, which we believe achieves the best outcomes for our patients. We are a 1 on 1 practice, this means that when you come in to see any of our physiotherapists you will spend the entire session with them. Whatever the issue you present with, we believe that it deserves our full attention. 

Physiotherapy is a constantly evolving practice, and our team understand this implicitly. Our Hornsby physios are constantly studying and learning to further their education and keep up with the latest health recommendations. 

Our approach focuses on your story, we listen to you and create a unique treatment plan based on your needs. We help you set some goals and then put in a plan to work towards those goals. We believe that physio treatment is not a one-way street, we need you as the patient to be committed and involved in the process. Motivation really is the key to success.


Our Hornsby physio clinic is located at 100 Balmoral Street, Hornsby NSW 2077. We have underground parking to the left of our building.


"Our philosophy is a lifestyle approach to pain management"


We believe that optimal health is essential to improving pain management and as such, we make it a priority. We believe that health and well-being is founded upon good nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. We help provide you with the tools to enhance and upgrade your health. Physiotherapists should be at the forefront of this change, we have the knowledge and expertise - as well as the time to create a plan for positive change.




Your health and well-being is our absolute priority. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your visit to Butel Physiotherapy, and as such we can ensure you that all of our appointments are exclusively one on one with our physiotherapists. We always allow an hour for an initial appointment to make sure that all of your concerns are heard and understood. We need that time to understand your pain and injuries, formulate a plan and set goals for treatment. We take the time to really listen to you and collaborate with you to get the best results! 


Our vision is a world in which sub-optimal health and chronic disease is a rarity, not the normal. Too often poor health gets in the way of life and you miss out on all the wonderful things life has to offer. Whether that be going for a walk in nature, picking up the grandkids or just getting out of bed in the morning with energy and vitality. We want you to be empowered and to have the skills to live a healthy and prosperous life.






Do you treat workers compensation or CTP insurance claims?

Yes we do! In both cases you will need either a Work Cover certificate or CTP certificate from your doctor indicating physiotherapy is required. We also require confirmation from the insurance company of full liability.

Do you need a doctors referral?

No! There is no need for a referral from a doctor. Just call our friendly staff on 9477 7554 to make an appointment with one of our physio's in Hornsby today!

Do you bulk bill?

Bulk billing is only available for DVA patients at our clinic. We offer affordable prices and can make exceptions for people in financial hardship. Our service is focused on quality treatment, aiming to get you the best outcome as quickly as possible.

Can I get a rebate from Medicare?

You will need a referral from your GP for an Enhanced Primary Care plan to be eligible for a medicare rebate. This care plan means you are entitled to 5 physiotherapy sessions per year, at a discounted rate. There will still be a small gap payment to be made.

What about DVA?

We treat all DVA claims with no additional gap payments required! Speak to your GP about getting a physio referral. Gold card members are eligible for treatment for any injury or pain, white card members are eligible for treatment to the specific injury they have acquired through their work in the defence forces.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes! We have an underground car park located just to the left of our premises between 100 and 102 Balmoral Street Hornsby. Any park assigned “medical centre visitor” can be used. Our office is located at the front of the building behind the ramp.

How much does it cost?

Initial Appointment: $105 – 125

Subsequent Appointment: $78 – 98

Physiotherapy costs can vary based on the difficulty of the condition, time spent and practitioner. Discounts are available in certain circumstances.

We have HICAPS available which means claims can be made on the spot. Simply bring your health fund card and our reception team will process the claim!

Are pensioner rates available?

Yes! Pensioner Rates at Butel Physiotherapy are as follows:

Initial Appointment: $90

Subsequent Appointment: $80

Please bring your pensioner card with you for validation.