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Our Team

Why choose us?

Meet our team of highly experienced physiotherapists practicing in Hornsby. Our approach is one of a holistic nature, where we believe that overall health and wellness is critical to pain management. We take the time to listen to your story and understand exactly what you're dealing with. For physiotherapy to be successful, it needs to be a collaboration between physiotherapist and patient. Our approach is centred on 1-1 consultations, which means our time is completely devoted to you. We take that time to help you work through your problem and work out an action plan. When it comes to the more difficult cases particularly, it is important that we take the time to map out a strategy and develop short and long term goals for treatment. Whether it be back pain, neck pain, or even a sports injury we will be able to find the solution for you.


As a team, we spend a lot of time learning together and from one another. We are regularly attending courses and lectures, doing online learning and benefiting from regular in-services. We are all extremely passionate about what we do and take a genuine interest in continuing to improve our skills. We believe that as a team, it is important we have the same philosophy behind what we do, however, each of us do have a slightly different approach to treatment. Have a look below to see which physiotherapist you think might suit you!



Scott Gentle

Scott Gentle

Scott Gentle joined Butel Health Services in 2012 after completing his Bachelors in Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland. Since then, Scott has been developing his skills across the board with regular training and on-going learning. His focus as a physio has been dealing with chronic pain and complex presentations. Scott and Jamie acquired the Butel Health Services physiotherapy business in April 2015 when his mentor and previous boss Cathy began her transition to retirement. 

Scott has a keen interest in keeping active, with a natural affinity to endurance sports. He is a regular golfer and enjoys challenging his mind with any mathematics puzzle he can find ... keep reading

Jamie Page

Jamie Page joined Butel Health Services in 2009 after completing his Masters in Physiotherapy at Sydney University. Since then Jamie has been a vital member of the Butel Health Services team. Jamie's initial focus as a physio was on sports rehabilitation but now has really honed in on chronic pain. Jamie's particular focus is around inflammatory issues and gut disorders.

Jamie is an enthusiastic trail runner and likes to get outdoors to keep fit. He plays tennis 2-3 times a week and is an avid reader who spends his leisure time digesting the latest health book ... keep reading

Nikita Mistry

Nikita Mistry joined Butel Health Services in 2019 after completing her Masters in Physiotherapy at Western Sydney University.

Nikita is the newest physiotherapist at Butel Health Services. She is a seasoned netballer who has always enjoyed dance. Nikita is our resident Women's Health expert following completion of her 5-day intensive physio course this year. Nikita also completed the Pre/Post pregnancy exercise course run by Claire Norgate. These two courses in particular have really accelerated Nikita's knowledge in the Women's Health space. ... keep reading

Our practice

Butel Health Services was established in 1997 by physiotherapist, Cathy Butel. The practice began in Pennant Hills before eventually moving to Hornsby in the early 2000's. Cathy worked tirelessly for many years as a sole practicing physio before hiring Jamie Page in 2009. Jamie brought a new level of excitement to the clinic with excellent skills in sports rehabilitation in particular. Jamie and Cathy had a great working relationship from the very beginning and continue to have a great friendship outside the physiotherapy clinic. 

In 2012 after continued growth for the clinic in Hornsby, Cathy hired Scott Gentle. Scott brought a new level of energy to the practice, and thrived in the new opportunity. The team gelled immediately and continued to flourish. 

As a united physiotherapy team; Cathy, Jamie and Scott continued their work together until November of 2019 when Cathy Butel retired from physiotherapy. Cathy was an integral part of the team, but she was happy with her decision to move on.

In April of 2019 the team decided to hire a new female physiotherapist in anticipation of Cathy's retirement. In steps Nikita Mistry. Nikita is a passionate physiotherapist with extensive post-graduate training in Women's health physiotherapy. She continues to strive to grow and learn as a physio, and has become a valued member of the Butel Health Services team.