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Neuroscience Research Australia

Posted By Scott Gentle  

We had the good fortune of being involved in Neuroscience Research Australia’s recent study called PREVENT. Following this, we were invited to a presentation by NeuRA with hosts David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.

The study

Conducted by NeuRA, PREVENT is looking at patients with acute low back pain. Patients will continue their current management i.e treatment at our practice. However, they will also attend two sessions with a pain specialist from
the NeuRA team.

The Presentation

The presentation was held at the Neuroscience Research Australia building in Randwick, with world renowned hosts David Butler and Lorimer Moseley. David and Lorimer are the co-authors of the Explain Pain series of books.

In the presentation, David and Lorimer discussed how best to apply the science of ‘Explain Pain’ with our patients to help them benefit from the most up to date research in chronic pain.

The critical message that Lorimer and David teach us is that pain is a complex construct of the brain that involves many factors. These factors fall under the framework of what we call the bio-psycho-soccial approach.

“Bio” describes the biological issues i.e. tissue damage

“Psycho” represents the psychological aspects such as; previous trauma, belief systems about pain, understanding of the problem etc.

“Social” refers to the environment i.e. work history, involvement in sports, physical activity etc.

It is imperative as physiotherapists that we address all aspects of a patient and their pain to ensure the best results!

If you would like any further information regarding this study or related topic, please contact our team on 9477 7554