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Some content to get you through COVID-19

Posted By Scott Gentle  

During this turbulent time many people will find that they have a few extra hours during the week that would normally be filled with social occasions; dinners, drinks, birthdays and family gatherings. To ensure you make the most of this available free time I suggest you take Ryan Holidays approach which categorises time in to either "alive time" or "dead time".


It is so tempting to take the latter approach; a 15 episode binge on Netflix, or endlessly scrolling the facebook news feed. Now whilst it is important to have some "relaxing" moments within the day I Instead propose trying to make as much of this free time "alive time". Read a new book, build on your cooking skills, or learn that instrument that you've always wanted to. 

Here is a list of a podcasts that we have collated to help educate you and inform you through this period.

Happy listening!


Great discussion with Dr Tom Moorcroft. Covers pros and cons of strict lock-down, why some are more vulnerable and useful suggestions.


This is a wonderful chat with Peter Attia and Ryan Holiday more around the emotional and psychological aspects of a pandemic. This is good if you want to listen to a positive chat.


This is for those who want a technical conversation around ACE2 receptors, blood pressure and covid-19.


This chat covers social-economics around Covid-19 and discusses some confronting questions.


Dr Osterholm discusses vaccines and antivirals, impact of comorbidities—Diabetes, obesity, and immunosuppressed patients.


Mike Mutzel discusses how an exhausted immune system could define the severity of symptoms.