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Sports Injuries


Australians pride themselvies on being an active nation, and we certainly love our sports. Unfortunately with sports can sometimes come injuries. Thankfully, they are relatively infrequent and the benefits for both mind and body certianly outweigh the negatives.

As physiotherapists, we are experts in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries.

At Butel Health Services we manage elite athletes right through to the weekend enthusiasts. So no matter whether you're training for a national title or just out enjoying yourself and keeping fit, we can help you get back out there as soon as possible.


Prevention is the key!

We are passionate about prevention, as current research suggests that there are several common sporting injuries for which the risk can be significantly reduced with a specific exercise program. These injuries include ankle sprains, hamstring tears and knee injuries. Our team can help create a specific preventative program for you based on the sport you are playing. Scott and Jamie have extensive experience with AFL, running, soccer, tennis, golf, cricket and basketball/netball. 

For more information contact the team on 9477 7554