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Scott Gentle

Scott Gentle


Scott Gentle

I’m Scott Gentle and I am one of the Directors of Butel Health Services along with Jamie Page. I have been a part of this amazing team since 2012. I have been working in private practice physiotherapy since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2011.

Growing up and playing a lot of sports, naturally I found myself interested in performance, sports injuries and athlete recovery. My sister Ashleigh, recently represented Australia in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games so I continue to have a keen interest in her performance and recovery. I have engaged in a lot of study and research specifically into running injuries and how to manage them whilst continuing to train. 

My interest has broadened to dealing with more chronic pain management with a focus on difficult presentations. I was lucky enough to meet Lorimer Moseley and David Butler who are pioneers in the field of chronic pain management. They have inspired me to continue to learn and grow as a physiotherapist. Their approach helped me come to the realisation that the biomechanical approach to pain management is very limited. There are of course times where it is appropriate, but largely it is over emphasised.

My focus now is on overall health and well-being. I aim to achieve this with a lifestyle approach to management. This approach comes with a key focus on what I consider to be the most important factors for optimal health; diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. I think physiotherapy will continue to evolve and change over time and I truly believe that a preventative care model is something we need to strive for. We need people to take a vested interest in their own health before it becomes a problem, rather than when issues start to arise. Education around the key factors of health is paramount and I want to be a voice of change in this area. I personally really enjoy the challenge of the rapidly changing health world, and love the continual learning process that comes with it. Scott is also the director of the online healthcare business zable.



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Initial Appointment: For the initial appointment we will sit down and discuss in detail the issue you are currently dealing with and any of the history associated with it. Please bring any doctors referrals and/or scans that you think are relevant. Physiotherapy relies on putting together all the pieces of information so we will spend a good deal of time going through your history. My subjective assessment is comprehensive and I will look at everything in a holistic manner. If you are dealing with a chronic or persistent problem, we will need to assess all of the lifestyle factors that may be influencing your pain. This includes your current diet, exercise routine, sleep and stress management. All of these factors play a vital role in inflammation and can make complex pain presentations much worse if they aren’t managed well. I believe physiotherapy needs to take a broader view of all of the factors that influence your pain. Once you have told your story and given me all of the information that we need, we can then move on to a movement assessment. In this assessment we will look at all of the movements and tests that are relevant to your injury. I will then be able to identify the patterns of movement that are dysfunctional and which are working well. 

Combining my subjective assessment with the movement assessment we should have a good idea on what needs to be focused on for treatment. I will usually spend the last part of the initial assessment providing treatment, followed by some exercise prescription.


Second Visit: I will usually reassess after a week or so depending on the condition. This appointment is extremely important in helping us sit down and set some realistic short and long term goals. Together, we will come up with a treatment plan which will be a combination of lifestyle changes, exercise and hands on physio.


Follow up appointments: Depending on the severity of the condition, we will require follow up appointments as needed. Our goal at Butel Health Services is to get our patients self-managing as quickly as possible! You are never locked in to physio and we will only book appointments as we go.