Butel Physiotherapists aim to continuously and conscientiously learn in our profession through inservice education, peer networks, participation in research projects and attendance at courses and conferences in order to empower our patients with up to date, research based information to promote independent and ultimate physical wellbeing. At Butel Health Services we take a whole person approach with treatment based on the latest evidence and best practice. We strive to continuously update our mode of practice to ensure the best results for our patients. We are a team based practice and consult regularly with one another. We believe we achieve the best results this way by providing you with an accurate diagnosis and a holistic approach to management.We aim to provide an environment that meets the patients needs, and that guides and empowers them towards recovery. Whether it be a sports injury, a work related problem or a chronic condition our goal is to educate you about your problem and teach you how to successfully manage it!

How we can help you

We pride ourselves on our commitment to continually better our services through ongoing education and learning. This is the key to ensuring you as the patient, have access to the most up to date information regarding treatment to ensure you have a successful outcome. We know that every problem is slightly different so our careful and detailed assessments help us come up with an individualised treatment plan which centres around your goals as a patient! We focus on a thorough initial assessment, which helps us fully understand the problem that you have presented with and therefore gives us more information to then work out the time frames and expected outcomes for you!

What we do

Our intervention centres around the goals that you have for treatment. We will help guide and assist you in creating these goals with realistic time frames and we will walk with you each step of the way to achieving these goals. Our aim is that you once again become independent in the management and care of your body! We have an extensive referral network in the Hornsby Shire region with experts in podiatry, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, surgical intervention and many more. If your presenting problem requires input from any of these services we can liaise with them and ensure you get the best care.

"We don't fix people, we facilitate adaptation" - Greg Lehman