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Persistent/Chronic Pain



Persistent pain is a major health issue that is crippling the Australian health system, costing the government as much as all cancers and cardiovascular disease combined. This is a clear sign that many people in our community are suffering from chronic pain, with little to no success in resolving the issue.

Chronic pain is a complex issue with many factors contributing to the problem. As health practitioners treating pain we need to be acutely aware of the non-mechanical factors that can be negatively affecting a persons overall health and thus influencing pain.


At Butel Health we believe in looking beyond the structural and mechanical in chronic pain management. We believe we will have a greater impact on recovery if we consider areas such as

  • Diet
  • Emotions and stress
  • Sleep
  • General activity and exercise

Any of these areas may be influencing and driving systemic inflammation and persistent pain problems. We will work with you to help decide if any of these could be negatively influencing your health. From this we can provide guidance on how to better manage the lifestyle and environmental factors that are affecting your health.


Dr Rognan Chaterjee likens it to juggling balls, we can all juggle a couple or maybe even 3 balls. However when a fourth, fifth or sixth ball gets thrown in to the mix we fail and we drop everything.