Do you have a standing desk? Should you?

  • May 22, 2017

Standing Desk Standing work stations ( a standing desk) are rapidly taking over the culture of sitting in offices all over the world. They may have come late to the party but they could one day be the dominant office set-up. I’m still hoping for a late surge from the treadmill desk though. There may be a sense of FOMO in their rise (look it up) but whatever the reason it’s seems like a great idea. Before you chase up a supporting letter from your physiotherapist or doctor to frustrate your manager, let’s have a look at the benefits and considerations.

Potential health benefits of a standing desk are:

  • Lower obesity risk
  • Reduced diabetes risk
  • Reduced cardiovascular disease
  • Improved postural control
  • Reduced cancer (especially cancers of the colon or breast)
  • Reduced risk of shoulder and back pain


At Butel health we see many musculoskeletal issues we believe links in with prolonged sitting. It’s our job to collaborate with you to find the best ways to reduce this negative tissue loading. We have seen huge improvements in posture and reduction in pain with patients who have made the switch to standing work desks. Add in a daily exercise routine and we think you can make huge changes to your quality of life.

Important Standing Desk Considerations

  1. Start slowly. Transitioning too quickly can create new problems. Try a period of alternating sitting and standing until the body adapts and is better prepared.
  2. Keep moving. The standing work station should not replace the walk around the office. The health benefits from walking and stretching still hugely outweighs simply switching to a standing work station.
  3. Make it easily adjustable. If the desk is too challenging to adjust, the likelihood of alternating positions is significantly reduced. Try and test the desk before you buy or have a physiotherapist show you how to use it and set it up properly.


More detailed guidelines and tips can be provided by Butel Health Services if you are thinking of making this change.

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