New Patients

New PatientsWe aim to help you help yourself

For new patients to the clinic we ensure you feel comfortable and give you our undivided attention. All of our consultations are 1-on-1, so no jumping from room to room like some other practices do.

We conduct a through initial assessment, compiling all your history and then performing a detailed hands on assessment. This assessment process helps us best identify what factors are contributing to your problem.

Treatment will consist of hands on therapy, educational resources and advice, as well as a progressive exercise program to take home. This combination is to ensure you are best equipped to tackle your problem.

There is never a “one size fits all approach” that will work which is why we spend as much time as we need thoroughly assessing and trying to understand the problem you are presenting with.

One of our fields of expertise is chronic or persistent pain problems. Many people suffer from chronic pain, with very little evidence to suggest that there is a clear structural cause for it. Pain, especially when persistent, can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to deal with. We see a lot of new patients who have been unable to find a solution to their ongoing problem. We specialise in the management of persistent pain problems and know how best to tackle them.

We are passionate about being the best at what we do. Which is why we are always involving ourselves in courses, research and keeping up to date with what is happening in our field.

We spend considerable time planning your treatment program to ensure a successful outcome for your condition.

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To make an appointment or for further inquiries, you can contact us on 9477 7554.