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  • June 20, 2017

Golf is a sport played by over 55 million people worldwide! Of those 55 million people 15-20% of them will have to take time off the game due to injury each year.

Within the professional circuit, almost 80% of the injuries come from overuse – but what about the weekend warrior?!

Injuries in amateur golfers largely come from poor swing patterns that develop around physical limitations.

These swing patterns lead to increased stress on parts of the body and can cause further issues for pre-existing injuries. Of these injuries – low back pain accounts for approximately 20%. Other common golf injuries are; knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle pain.

 golf physiotherapy

Golf specific physiotherapy

So what can we do to help you?!

Over the last 2 decades Titleist has studied the body-swing connection through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPi).

TPi and its accredited professionals are dedicated to studying the human body and how it functions in relation to the golf swing. This is achieved through the 16 point physical screen.

How does it work?

Step 1:

We perform a 16 point physical screen

Step 2:

We send you the results immediately. The physical screen will identify any physical limitations in your golf swing that may

a) lead to injury

b) reduce performance

Step 3:

A specific exercise program is designed based on your individual physical screen results.


More about the physical screen…

The physical screen is a golf specific physiotherapy assessment. We use it to identify the physical limitations of individuals that will affect the performance of their golf swing. The physical screen will also identify any limitations that may be pre-disposing golfers to injury.

Once the physical screen has been completed – we can identify what physical limitations need to be addressed. We then create a specific exercise program designed to overcome them!

The TPi program is utilised by hundreds of thousands of golfers all around the world, starting with the beginners all the way to the PGA tour.






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